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When I started blogging on this site, I was a Prifessional Organizer, Real Estate Home Stager & Interior Redesigner. As my life has evolved, I find I’m blogging more about quilting and less about anything else. So, in order to reflect that, I’ve moved my site over to  Project Scrap Bin I hope you stop by and check it out!


EQ & Michael Miller Fabrics Block Design Challenge


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I’ve recently become very interested and active in quilt block design. It’s so amazing to design a block, and then to watch secondary patterns emerge! The only problem is….I design with colored pencils and graph paper. That’s great for solid colors, or to get an idea of what a block will look like, but not so great when using lots of patterns.

A friend that has EQ7 took pity on me with my last design project, and saved me WEEKS of coloring, with a few clicks of a button on her mouse. I suddenly realized that while designing on paper is fun…’s time for me to move along into the next millennium.

I’m not anti-technology, I’m just limited on money….but I’m also limited on time… that’s an interesting catch-22.

When that same friend saw this challenge, she immediately let me know about it. I was laughing when I saw one of the prizes was EQ7 (YES PLEASE!). Of course, I had to call her on her intentions, but she hadn’t even read that far, she just knew I enjoyed playing around with design.

I must say, working with the Michael Miller Fiesta fabric line was very interesting. Doing it with colored pencils left quite a bit to be desired *grin* I had to tweak my design several times, simplifying it with each revision. These fabrics are big and bold (like the name suggests) and have a lot going on! Finding a design that showcased them without minimizing them or losing the design was a challenge.

I will ask that you please be kind when looking at my interpretation of a flowered fabric. I hope it gets the idea across….

IMG_0548      IMG_0545IMG_0544

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that EQ7 finds it’s way to me! These drawings show the design process in reverse.

Enjoy! The contest runs through March 11, 2015. There are 2 prize packages (one for EQ owners & one for non-EQ owners). If you haven’t submitted a block yet, run right over there and get yours submitted!

What do you think of this design? If I have the time to color in 4 of them, I’ll show you the secondary design it makes….if I win EQ7, I’ll be sure to come back and show you!


Mid-February Photo-Montage…..


Rham’s valentines and Cheerio birdfeeders


February Bee Block swap


Rham pointed out the “hearts” in the driveway. Smartie


Nothing better than a snuggle and a story from Great-Grampa (whom she’s named after!)


Sisterly-love….when Jada was still a foster and not our forever-pup LOL


Gram & Rham snoozing in the “Red Bed” as Rham calls it


That hopeful look….of course she could share Grampas chocloates! (Thanks Auntie Kris!)


New car seats


My hippie with the crazy hair and pink guitar, singing about trees


My artist, sharing a creation on his etch-a-sketch

The 2nd half of the month (with a little more sewing and a little less family…maybe) is coming soon!

Project Quilting 5-3 “Gingerbread Off Season”

Are you familiar with Project Quilting? If not, you can check out the details here….

Every other week, a challenge is issued at noon on Sunday (CT). Each participant is given one week to create anything that fits the challenge. The basic rules are the same every week. (Your project does not need to be a traditional quilt, but must meet at least one of these requirements: Include patchwork, Include applique or have 3 layers stitched together by hand or machine.) In addition, each week there are additional limitations or things you must include/omit.

The week in-between challenges is used for voting….so, be sure to head on over and check out the projects and vote for your favorites! (Hopefully mine will be among them, but if not, no hard feelings!)

This weeks Challenge is called “Sweet Treats”. We had to create something based on one or more candies.

I had a long list of possibilities….. but ruled ideas out one at a time, until I was left with something I was completely excited by!


This is a table just inside our door that usually holds a basket with gloves/hats/scarves, etc, puzzles (you can see them in the background on the stairs) and a few other assorted things that are headed in/out. (Our landing zone/prep area for the next day). This is in the middle of the kids play area, and we are continually making blanket forts (that fall apart).

So…… I thought it would be fun to make a Gingerbread House…but it needed to be able to stay out year round… “Gingerbread Off Season” was born.


This was the first panel I did. I made the Lollipops into flowers, and added “dots” and the “frosting”. Here are a couple close ups of the details




Let me just say…I LOVE this! But…it took FOREVER!

The next panel was a lot quicker….and I love it just as much!!


Here’s a close up of the stitching


Absolutely love this end too! Was tempted to add an owl…..but decided to leave it for now….it I want to add one later, I can always do that.

The light brown is a hole for me to be able to see in or for the kids to be able to chat, and to let light and air in.

I was a little stumped on the front. At first I had it all the same (one enormous bakery), but then felt bad for my son because he always seems to get the left overs….so I started thinking about what could I add that would be just for him…. I debated on a book store, a hardware store, an auto repair shop…… and as I was searching around for clip art for templates, I realized his tools were all sitting in a bag and never got used………




I am so thrilled with this entire project! The top of the table still has the puzzles and the basket of winter clothes, the kids are under there reading and playing….and the tools are being used!


I added some velcro to the sides so they could still go in and out, but they could also close them up if they wanted to!Image


I feel like I kept a decent balance between what the kids would like, and what would work with our decor. I totally feel like I nailed the challenge! The best part is? I’ve already won because my kids LOVE it!! (and to be honest? So do I!!)


Random Good Things

I made a resolution to try and post once a week last year. If you look back, you will see I failed miserably, and I’m not doing much better this year.

I rolled back through my photos and thought I’d share a few things with you. Certainly not everything I’ve done, but some of my recent escapades (in no particular order)


Candy Cane Coffee Cakes waiting for glaze and toppings. A yummy Christmas tradition


Stash Bee January Block. Hope she likes it! The “Queen Bee” for the month picks her pattern and provides a tutorial. Each Hive member interprets that as they will and uses their own stash to create a block (or two or however many they want). This was my first ever applique block!


Just because I always rant about running out of bobbin/thread when I have one seam left….I finished my block, and this is what was left on my spool…made me nervous that perhaps I forgot to stitch something? Maybe I should have run out and played the lottery that day…


The first cape I ever made. For a birthday boy!


The first TuTu I ever made (another birthday gift). I’ve made several more since them….I am now a TuTu expert and made one while I was chatting on the phone. (Of course, talking to Kathy, I could probably complete an entire quilt by the time our conversation ended, but still…..)


Cookies Rhamie made for Justin and Grampa, just because (and we ALL know that “just because” cookies are THE best!)


Another Birthday Cape!


A top in progress

Dogs we’ve fostered and that have been adopted







Do I dare say I’ll try and do better from here on out? Maybe I’ll start little and commit to one post a month? I have good intentions….but you know where that road leads *grin*

How about I just say,

Till next time


“For the Birds”, My Upcycled Challenge



I’ve been following Project Quilting by PersimonDreams for several seasons and have finally jumped in and participated. If you’re not familiar with this, hop on over and check it out….after you check out my awesome creation!

There are guidelines to every challenge. This one included the following:

1. Had to use ALL recycled materials (except thread…that made me giggle. who would have thought?)

2. Had to included 2 materials that were never intended for use in a quilt or clothing (I took this very literal and wouldn’t even consider a fabric that COULD have been used in clothing, but happened to start life as a dishrag or a curtain or anything like that).

You can read the rest of the guidelines here.

I started with this (first material never intended to be used for clothing or a quilt) These bags are made of recycled plastics that can’t be recycled any further (no idea why, either forgot or never knew, and will probably have to look it up again because now I’m curious), and I’ve been collecting them to make some bags and other projects (be on the lookout for some aprons)


Those are 12 x 12 tiles, just to give you a little size reference. I cut and boxed the bottom…..and still felt like it was too big, so I re-cut and boxed the bottom for a more manageable size. (Trust me, I’m a mom with 2 little ones, EVERYTHING gets handed to me and tossed in the bag…I make that thing too big, and I’ll need a little red wagon to drag it behind me!)

Next, I lined it with a pale purple sheet. I was fortunate to find the perfect zipper in a pile of zippers I inherited somewhere along the way. I’m not showing a picture of the lining or the zipper *pout*  In my big rush to meet the deadline, I sewed the pocket to the wrong side of the liner, so the liner is inside out *BOO* and the zipper is crooked. Now, I could say these are “creative choices”, but in this case, I’ll call a spade a spade and move along without leaving any pictorial evidence of my late night sewing gaffes.

Next, I added a plastic cover from a fabric sample book as an outside pocket (material number 2, never intended to be used for clothing or a quilt)


It’s hard to see clear material, isn’t it?? I stitched up the middle too, so I have 2 smaller, more useable pockets (no more searching for your keys!)


I may go back and add a little trim around that plastic to help it stand out a little more. I love the staple holes where it was attached to the fabric sample book!

Next, I added a gingham collar to the top rim of the bag. I found a piece of fabric I’m seriously wondering where it came from and why I had it. All I can think is that it arrived in a “gifted stash” and I tossed it in with the ginghams and never really looked at it. It was stained, cut all over the place, and the real deal OLD. PERFECT!!!

Then came the quandary of the handle. I debated grommets, hooks, a clip from an old leash our dog ate. I auditioned old scarves, neckties, and various other bits and pieces that floated to the surface. I saw this dark purple in my scrap bin and pulled it out thinking I’d make some 9 patches with this and the gingham, and low and behold, it was the remnant of a shirt that had already been partially dissected! I knew immediately that those arms were destined to be part of this bag! I matched up the wrist ends and stitched them together. This is the top of the handle.



It was a little shorter than I wanted it, and the other end of the sleeve was a little wider than I wanted where it attached to the bag. I saw a little bit of that gingham still handing around….so I made extenders that blended perfectly with the bag, and attached PERFECTLY!


Green has never been so purple! (A little recycling humor, in case you are sitting there wondering what I’m talking about!)

The voting goes on all week long at PersimonDreams, and a new challenge will be posted next Sunday! Check it out, you may want to play along. (Feel free to vote for my project if you like it!) I’ll be making a few more of these and practicing my technique (especially that whole liner/zipper thing)

Let me know what you think!







Traveling Stash

One more round of the Traveling Stash. I’m not sure what happened with my last posts…the pictures were tiny and comments went AWOL, so here we are again! The contents of the boxes have been redistributed. Box 3 is on it’s way to a happy winner who will be posting soon, so be on the lookout at Snuggle up with a Dish from Karma

Box 1 contains the following:

box 1 101813

Box 5 contains the following:

box 5 101813

Complete rules can be found on the Traveling Stash site. Basically you must be an active blogger in the US. You promise to replace what you take with like value/quantity. You understand this is NOT a dumping ground for old, unwanted stuff. You will put into the box only things of the same quality you would like to receive. With that being said, also remember that every one has different tastes. Some people LOVE vintage stuff and will scoop up a pattern from 1976, notions from 1954 and sheets from who knows when. Please be kind and play nice.

To enter to win a visit from the Traveling Stash, please leave me a comment below telling me which box you’d like (you can also say “either” or “both”) and if you have ever participated in a mystery quilt (we LOVE to know where/when and if there is another coming up!).  Hopefully, the problem with the comments has been fixed since I have received comments after that posting.

I’d love to have these on their way very quickly…. but I also want to give everyone a chance to see the drawing. Comments will close on 10/27. Hopefully, these will be at their new destination by Halloween. (Really…they need to move along!)

Thanks & Good Luck!!!

QCA Mystery Quilt, Step 3

I’m such a sucker for Mystery Quilts! What’s a Mystery Quilt? It’s like doing a puzzle. You are given fabric requirements, and a new step is released periodically (like once a week, once a month…) You follow along and cut/sew and post pictures for others that are sewing along to see. I’m not sure what the thrill is for me, but I did always enjoy jigsaw puzzles…

I have a few “rules” I follow when doing a mystery. I don’t ever use my favorite fabric. That I save for a planned project. I also try and pull from my stash when ever possible. Generally, I find I can pull about 80% of what I need, and have to purchase one fabric to tie it together. I also rely on the name for a hint towards color (not sure why, since it never seems to make a difference).

For this mystery, run by Quilters Club of America, it only called for 2 colors, and a light background. Right out of the gate, it’s a little different for me. I tend to gravitate towards darker backgrounds. The name of the quilt is “Tranquility”, which made me think of blues/greens. There is still plenty of time if you want to play along!

After trashing my sewing room pulling what felt like 1000 options (no comment from those who have been blessed with a visit to the cave), and spending over a week playing with the choices, I settled on a sheet that I picked up with a “vintage” bundle that has a range of blues and greens and lots of movement to it, a small pin-striped olivey green & white, and an assortment of white on whites for the background.

Step 1 was to select fabric and cut

Step 2 was to sew a gazillion HST.

Step 3 was to make 84 of each of the following units:


Excuse the wrinkles and threads, they were ripped out of the machine and run outside for a quick picture. I’m still trimming and stitching, When I get them done, it will be fun to play with the pieces and see if I can figure out a pattern!

The person in charge of the Mystery said she almost named it “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”…. which would have totally changed my fabric choices… as a matter of fact, I really wish I had more time to make a second one using a deep navy & silvery blue. I think it would be stunning!

Next post, be on the lookout for an update on the mystery Medallion quilt!

Traveling Stash Box 1

Congrats to Sarah who is anticipating the arrival of the Two Sisters Traveling Stash Box!

Up next is Box 1


Lots of Fabric, Patterns and misc. yumminess!

For your chance to get a visit from the Traveling Stash, be an active blogger & leave me a comment below with some of the people you “stalk” in the creative world (feel free to share their websites!)

Drawing will close on MONDAY 9/30. Good luck!