Have some things you’ve outgrown, but feel guilty getting rid of? Don’t despair! There are lots of ways to recycle those items!

If you want or need to recoup some money on an item, try ebay, craigslist, a thrift/consignment shop or a yard sale.

If you just want the items gone, try freecycle.org (find the online community near you – you list it, they respond and come pick it up).

Other places that you can help someone in need include your local goodwill or salvation army, animal shelters (they can always use towels, blankets and the like). Vist www.Pets911.com for a shelter near you.

Also, used furniture (beds, couches & dining room sets, etc) can be contributed to your local chapter of the National Furniture Bank Association ( www.nationalfurniturebank.org ) The organization provides furniture to victims of natural disasters like hurricanes and earthaquakes, helps families who live below the poverty level, and helping women and children who are starting over after fleeing violent homes.

Don’t be a slave you your unwanted, unloved, unused household items. Let them go, knowing they are going to someone in dire need who will love, need and use what you donate!

Till next time!