Life is funny. This blog started a few years ago….after my oldest child was through college and out on his own….and before my two youngest were even a twinkle. Had I been blogging like I thought I would, I’d be explaining how things have been moving in a different direction. Since I was a complete slacker, I’ll break the silence now 🙂


This was intended to be a place to share about staging and redesign. That’s not going to happen.

This will be a great place to read about all kinds of things related to kids, parenting, family, budgeting, cooking, quilting, crafting and otherwise creating and entertaining children. (Let me clarify THAT statement….creating as in crafting and entertaining children, NOT creating and entertaining children).

As you can see, the thinking may be boggled from time to time, but I’ll share the real deal. The good, the bad & the hilarious!Image

This is us, by the way. Taken this summer at a park we frequent.