I’m not sure why the holidays seem so hectic…or if it’s just that life is hectic and the holidays add an exclamation point (and a deadline!)

Here is my step dad’s quiltImage

Please note:

A. It is still on my design wall

B. It is only 1/2 pieced (the row that is up there but not stitched is #9 out of 18)

C. The backing PATTERN is on the way still *grin*

D. Today is 12/20.

Safe to say….he MAY get a top for unwrap…but NO WAY is he getting a finished quilt!

Here is my mom’s lap throw (not sure which one I like better for her):



Notice it still needs borders & then the rest of the process LOL! *sigh, oh my*

On a brighter note….. My Christmas cards have been mailed 🙂 I’ve never sent cards before, but this was just too cute to pass up…



These two little munchkins are also a big part of the reason those 2 projects aren’t done yet… I’m hoping the framed pictures from this photo session make up for the lack of a finished gift……