Welcome to 2013! 

One of my goals for 2013 is to post at least once a week (there, it’s out there for all to see! So, feel free to poke me if the posts start lagging!)

Sadly, 2012 ended before I could finish the pile of quilty goodness I had on my “to do” list… which means 2013 starts with a longer UFO list *grin*

How many of you keep a log or a list of things you’d like to make? A pattern you see that you fall in love with….. How do you handle the creative itch? Do you start it so you don’t forget it? Do you file it under “someday” and keep working on what’s in front of you? Does it depend on lots of different factors and it could go either way?

I was a winner in the Quilting Gallery Autumn Block Party! A HUGE Thank You to Ebony Love at Love Bug Studios for being more than fair and sending some LOVE that arrived on Christmas Eve! Thank you Ebony for bending your rules (ok, for all you wondering, I missed the email that said I was a winner, but received the one that said I forfeited my prize *wah*, but Ebony heard my distress and sent something along anyways!)



The pattern for the BACKSIDE of my Step Dad’s quilt (see last post: still on the wall, btw) arrived. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. I’ve never pieced something so large! We took a trip to Africa together, and there’s a story about an elephant we couldn’t see…. so, this large elephant will be on the backside of the quilt, which will be named “Do YOU see the elephant?” or something similar



Lastly for now…. I’ve been searching for some fabric (which I still haven’t found), but someone saw my post and sent a little box of love. I don’t know this person, and the generosity blew me away. She didn’t ask for any money, for shipping or anything…..so, in return, I’m sending her the following for a scrappy quilt she is working on with Bonnie Hunter 



Hope there is something in there that makes her smile!

So glad to be starting a new year! Looking forward to what may come…. & glad to be sharing it with you!