I’ve decided to join LeAnne at She Can Quilt with the 2013 Finish-A-Long. One way quilters are accountable for finishing their UFO’s.


I’m looking at my lists of what’s been started and what I’d like to start *grin* I think I’ll just start with the list of things already in progress and get some pictures up of where they sit at the moment…

1. Quilt started in 1997 (yeah, that is a 1-9 at the front). Most likely won’t ever finish this, but will leave all the parts and pieces together for now

2. Quilt started in 2007. This was supposed to be a memory quilt, but several key pieces of clothing went AWOL before they made it to me…so it got set aside. I’m not sure if I will finish this one or not.

3. Where’s The Elephant? Started for my step-dad last year. Top needs to finish being pieced and back needs to be constructed (the back is as important as the front, so this step matters).

4. The lap quilt for my mom, started last year. Needs borders, etc.

5. The red/white quilt for me started in 2010. I’d really love to finish this. I believe the parts are all ready to be assembled into blocks, and then the blocks into a top. Will dig out the pieces and post a picture

6. Bonnie Hunter Easy Street Mystery Quilt. Think I have 3 steps completed

7. New Year’s Eve Mystery… Have the pieces all cut and bagged… still a long ways to go

8. Skill Builder BOM from last year…. think I finished 4-5 blocks.. will post pictures of these soon.

9. Embroidery QAL from Clover & Violet. Really want to finish this one. Have 3 1/2 blocks out of 9 done

10. Paisley Quilt — Brown & Blues/Pink/Yellow. Ran into an issue with one of the fabrics that set me back. Had to replace the fabric and redo most of the quilt…. Will pull it out and see how bad it really is.

11. Farmers Wife… Had picked some fabrics and cut some pieces, but not stitched even one block. Will most likely revisit the color scheme and change it up before I commit to any thing.

12. Kaleidoscope — Had joined a QAL but could never decide on colors or placement…. have finally decided on both and have started cutting

13. A quilt for my son — Have selected pattern, still working on color selections. Started cutting blues for the one section I know I am doing blues for (since I am cutting blues for 2 other quilts at the same time)

I’ll assume there will be about 20 new starts in 2013 (at least)…. Maybe a little tiny case of start-itis?