I’ve committed to 2 Round Robin/Block Swaps. 

The first is the Modern Mini Mystery where we make our own center block and then it is sent of to be passed around 5 other quilters who each add a border to it….and it comes back home in July. Of course I snuck in after the dead line and am now in panic mode trying to pick my fabrics for my center block (I should post pictures of the mounds of fabric all over the place that I am frantically playing with, but I’m too ashamed) In an ideal world, I’d make ALL the blocks that were thoughts as I was pulling fabrics and have all of you vote on them…. however, I’m supposed to mail this out…ummmm…. today?

The 2nd is a “House Swap” block…. I supply the sky & the ground and the other quilter builds a house (or other building) and whatever else she wants on the backgrounds I supplied. In the end, we get our 12 back. Of course, I have piles of “sky” and “ground” all over the place, and no final decisions made yet… hopefully some pictures will follow soon.

Lastly….not even on the agenda, but irresistible .. I’m 3/4 of the way through making a bag from some scraps that were gifted to me Sunday. I’ll def. be posting pictures of that one shortly. No pattern = lots of ripping and head scratching, but I’m pretty pleased with it so far….