Quilting is teaching me many MANY things….not only about fabric, and color value, and scale, but things about ME. I’m NOT patient (no surprise), I have a super hard time making a decision…commitment-phobia? Maybe…..

After much deliberation (and trashing of the sewing room)….these are my final choices for my sky/ground portions of my house-swap blocks. I’ll be mailing these off and won’t see them again until summer…but I will get a package of 12 blocks of OTHER people’s sky/ground to work on 🙂 Can’t wait to see what my fellow swappers are up to!

Image(The big chunk on the bottom right is to allow that person to choose which part of the backgound works for them)Image


Each block also gets a flag fabric I’m hoping my “home builder” will incorporate into the block 🙂Image

AND…. I didn’t even realize I had a picture of this… This is the fabric gifted to me that is 3/4 of the way to being a bag!

My DH is too funny…he says to me “you buy yards of fabric to cut up and make a quilt…but you take scraps and make a handbag…isn’t that backwards?? Shouldn’t quilts be made of scraps and you guy yardage for a bag?” Love that man