A big THANK YOU to Juliet at TartanKiwi for the extra gifties included with the very cool pendent I won. Originally, I had planned on putting the darling little pendant in my daughters doll house as a decoration…but when it arrived today, my daughter insisted on putting it on immediately! Guess you know it will be her new favorite accessory!

Also in the package, as a huge surprise, were two pony tail holders (OMG, SO CUTE!!!) and something for mom! (that’s me)… check out my super cool, smarty owl book mark (which I totally, completely fell in love with, and since I read A LOT, it’s PERFECT!)


The book mark looks like a large paper clip, but this thing is much larger than it looks…perfect for marking your page! Next time, I’ll remember to put something in for  a size reference!

I had to snap a quick picture while R is in bed and not using any of her new loot, and before my book mark gets put into service later tonight.

Thank you Juliet!