I was out of town last week for what started out as a family emergency, and turned into a huge blessing for our family! (Long story short: my 89 year old grandfather went “unresponsive”, the decision was made to put him on “comfort care” and we were called in to say good-bye. Things improved, they took him off comfort care and started full care again, and he is already out of the hospital and in a rehab, one step closer to home…at least, his earthly home!)…. any ways, when I arrived back home, I found 2 Traveling Stash boxes waiting for me!

I seem to win these things in 2’s *grin*

In order to not hold up either box, I am posting them here together. If you are only interested in 1 or the other, please state that in your comment…if you are interested in both, please also state that! I will be drawing the winners on Monday & shipping the boxes on Tuesday.

Good Luck!

Box 1



This is what it looked like walking in the door…..



This is what it will look like walking in your door! I did add another piece or 2 of fabric, and will add more if I see anything between now and Tuesday when I ship it.


Two Sisters BoxImage

This is what this one looked like when it got here… 


This box felt kinda light when it arrived, and still feels incomplete. I’ll be looking around for some fun stuff to add to it. 

Remember, in order to enter, you must be an active blogger. Be sure to say you are interested in Box 1, the Two Sisters Box, or Both.

Good Luck! Once the dust settles with my grandfather, I’ll be here a little more regularly (I hope!)