In January, I started a year-long mystery quilt. I stayed on track for about 2-3 months….then I over-scheduled myself & fell behind *grin* (I’m sure I’m not alone in that!)

It makes it a little easier when the kids nap at the same time, and I get an hour or two during the day to do something….. trying to start sewing at 10 pm is a bit much for me!

Soon, I’ll be posting pictures of the Modern Mystery Round Robin I participated in, and a House Block Swap that just wrapped up….but for now, I am up to JULY with the Back To Square One Mystery! (I’m pretty excited about this….it’s been a solid week of diligently sewing any free minute I have!) I still have a week or two to do the July step! Excuse me if I sprain my arm patting myself on the back!

So, without further ado…. here is my top through step 6! I’m realizing my cutting/piecing needs some serious attention, so for now, I”m just enjoying the process, and being thankful that I am on track. I’m going to love each little off-center, crooked square and embrace their personality.


The colors aren’t as bight as they look here. The yellow is more of a gold.

Choosing a directional print for a mystery quilt can be such a gamble. I’m ok that it changes direction as the colors are perfect and I movement adds interest! I’ll be posting more pictures as I progress! You can join the fun at Back to Square One