I’m such a sucker for Mystery Quilts! What’s a Mystery Quilt? It’s like doing a puzzle. You are given fabric requirements, and a new step is released periodically (like once a week, once a month…) You follow along and cut/sew and post pictures for others that are sewing along to see. I’m not sure what the thrill is for me, but I did always enjoy jigsaw puzzles…

I have a few “rules” I follow when doing a mystery. I don’t ever use my favorite fabric. That I save for a planned project. I also try and pull from my stash when ever possible. Generally, I find I can pull about 80% of what I need, and have to purchase one fabric to tie it together. I also rely on the name for a hint towards color (not sure why, since it never seems to make a difference).

For this mystery, run by Quilters Club of America, it only called for 2 colors, and a light background. Right out of the gate, it’s a little different for me. I tend to gravitate towards darker backgrounds. The name of the quilt is “Tranquility”, which made me think of blues/greens. There is still plenty of time if you want to play along!

After trashing my sewing room pulling what felt like 1000 options (no comment from those who have been blessed with a visit to the cave), and spending over a week playing with the choices, I settled on a sheet that I picked up with a “vintage” bundle that has a range of blues and greens and lots of movement to it, a small pin-striped olivey green & white, and an assortment of white on whites for the background.

Step 1 was to select fabric and cut

Step 2 was to sew a gazillion HST.

Step 3 was to make 84 of each of the following units:


Excuse the wrinkles and threads, they were ripped out of the machine and run outside for a quick picture. I’m still trimming and stitching, When I get them done, it will be fun to play with the pieces and see if I can figure out a pattern!

The person in charge of the Mystery said she almost named it “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”…. which would have totally changed my fabric choices… as a matter of fact, I really wish I had more time to make a second one using a deep navy & silvery blue. I think it would be stunning!

Next post, be on the lookout for an update on the mystery Medallion quilt!