One more round of the Traveling Stash. I’m not sure what happened with my last posts…the pictures were tiny and comments went AWOL, so here we are again! The contents of the boxes have been redistributed. Box 3 is on it’s way to a happy winner who will be posting soon, so be on the lookout at Snuggle up with a Dish from Karma

Box 1 contains the following:

box 1 101813

Box 5 contains the following:

box 5 101813

Complete rules can be found on the Traveling Stash site. Basically you must be an active blogger in the US. You promise to replace what you take with like value/quantity. You understand this is NOT a dumping ground for old, unwanted stuff. You will put into the box only things of the same quality you would like to receive. With that being said, also remember that every one has different tastes. Some people LOVE vintage stuff and will scoop up a pattern from 1976, notions from 1954 and sheets from who knows when. Please be kind and play nice.

To enter to win a visit from the Traveling Stash, please leave me a comment below telling me which box you’d like (you can also say “either” or “both”) and if you have ever participated in a mystery quilt (we LOVE to know where/when and if there is another coming up!).  Hopefully, the problem with the comments has been fixed since I have received comments after that posting.

I’d love to have these on their way very quickly…. but I also want to give everyone a chance to see the drawing. Comments will close on 10/27. Hopefully, these will be at their new destination by Halloween. (Really…they need to move along!)

Thanks & Good Luck!!!