I’ve been following Project Quilting by PersimonDreams for several seasons and have finally jumped in and participated. If you’re not familiar with this, hop on over and check it out….after you check out my awesome creation!

There are guidelines to every challenge. This one included the following:

1. Had to use ALL recycled materials (except thread…that made me giggle. who would have thought?)

2. Had to included 2 materials that were never intended for use in a quilt or clothing (I took this very literal and wouldn’t even consider a fabric that COULD have been used in clothing, but happened to start life as a dishrag or a curtain or anything like that).

You can read the rest of the guidelines here.

I started with this (first material never intended to be used for clothing or a quilt) These bags are made of recycled plastics that can’t be recycled any further (no idea why, either forgot or never knew, and will probably have to look it up again because now I’m curious), and I’ve been collecting them to make some bags and other projects (be on the lookout for some aprons)


Those are 12 x 12 tiles, just to give you a little size reference. I cut and boxed the bottom…..and still felt like it was too big, so I re-cut and boxed the bottom for a more manageable size. (Trust me, I’m a mom with 2 little ones, EVERYTHING gets handed to me and tossed in the bag…I make that thing too big, and I’ll need a little red wagon to drag it behind me!)

Next, I lined it with a pale purple sheet. I was fortunate to find the perfect zipper in a pile of zippers I inherited somewhere along the way. I’m not showing a picture of the lining or the zipper *pout*  In my big rush to meet the deadline, I sewed the pocket to the wrong side of the liner, so the liner is inside out *BOO* and the zipper is crooked. Now, I could say these are “creative choices”, but in this case, I’ll call a spade a spade and move along without leaving any pictorial evidence of my late night sewing gaffes.

Next, I added a plastic cover from a fabric sample book as an outside pocket (material number 2, never intended to be used for clothing or a quilt)


It’s hard to see clear material, isn’t it?? I stitched up the middle too, so I have 2 smaller, more useable pockets (no more searching for your keys!)


I may go back and add a little trim around that plastic to help it stand out a little more. I love the staple holes where it was attached to the fabric sample book!

Next, I added a gingham collar to the top rim of the bag. I found a piece of fabric I’m seriously wondering where it came from and why I had it. All I can think is that it arrived in a “gifted stash” and I tossed it in with the ginghams and never really looked at it. It was stained, cut all over the place, and the real deal OLD. PERFECT!!!

Then came the quandary of the handle. I debated grommets, hooks, a clip from an old leash our dog ate. I auditioned old scarves, neckties, and various other bits and pieces that floated to the surface. I saw this dark purple in my scrap bin and pulled it out thinking I’d make some 9 patches with this and the gingham, and low and behold, it was the remnant of a shirt that had already been partially dissected! I knew immediately that those arms were destined to be part of this bag! I matched up the wrist ends and stitched them together. This is the top of the handle.



It was a little shorter than I wanted it, and the other end of the sleeve was a little wider than I wanted where it attached to the bag. I saw a little bit of that gingham still handing around….so I made extenders that blended perfectly with the bag, and attached PERFECTLY!


Green has never been so purple! (A little recycling humor, in case you are sitting there wondering what I’m talking about!)

The voting goes on all week long at PersimonDreams, and a new challenge will be posted next Sunday! Check it out, you may want to play along. (Feel free to vote for my project if you like it!) I’ll be making a few more of these and practicing my technique (especially that whole liner/zipper thing)

Let me know what you think!