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I’ve recently become very interested and active in quilt block design. It’s so amazing to design a block, and then to watch secondary patterns emerge! The only problem is….I design with colored pencils and graph paper. That’s great for solid colors, or to get an idea of what a block will look like, but not so great when using lots of patterns.

A friend that has EQ7 took pity on me with my last design project, and saved me WEEKS of coloring, with a few clicks of a button on her mouse. I suddenly realized that while designing on paper is fun…..it’s time for me to move along into the next millennium.

I’m not anti-technology, I’m just limited on money….but I’m also limited on time…..so that’s an interesting catch-22.

When that same friend saw this challenge, she immediately let me know about it. I was laughing when I saw one of the prizes was EQ7 (YES PLEASE!). Of course, I had to call her on her intentions, but she hadn’t even read that far, she just knew I enjoyed playing around with design.

I must say, working with the Michael Miller Fiesta fabric line was very interesting. Doing it with colored pencils left quite a bit to be desired *grin* I had to tweak my design several times, simplifying it with each revision. These fabrics are big and bold (like the name suggests) and have a lot going on! Finding a design that showcased them without minimizing them or losing the design was a challenge.

I will ask that you please be kind when looking at my interpretation of a flowered fabric. I hope it gets the idea across….

IMG_0548      IMG_0545IMG_0544

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that EQ7 finds it’s way to me! These drawings show the design process in reverse.

Enjoy! The contest runs through March 11, 2015. There are 2 prize packages (one for EQ owners & one for non-EQ owners). If you haven’t submitted a block yet, run right over there and get yours submitted!

What do you think of this design? If I have the time to color in 4 of them, I’ll show you the secondary design it makes….if I win EQ7, I’ll be sure to come back and show you!