Certified Interior Redesign

Have you recently moved and are finding it difficult to make your existing furniture and accessories “work” in your new space?

Have you combined households and feel like you have an unworkable mish-mash of furniture or styles?

Do you have a space that has just never felt “right”?

The basis of redesign is using what you already own and “shopping the house” for additional needed items to improve the flow and enhance the function of the area you choose.  We start by emptying the room to allow a better look at the architecture of the space.  Then a plan is made to “rebuild” layer by layer, taking into account what is important to you, how the space is used and by whom, to result in a well balanced room that showcases your treasures and reflects your personality.

In instances where additional items are needed, a “shopping list” will be provided to give you guidance to complete the desired look.  Contact me now for more information.

I also offer personal shopping services for those that hate to shop, don’t have the time to shop or just aren’t comfortable making decisions on their own.  We can go together or I can go on my own for you.

If you desire a total overhaul of your room I also offer color consultations.


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