Professional Organizing

My approach to Professional Organizing is not a one-shot, do it for you or one size fits all service.

We take the time to explore what will work best for you and implement the best system for YOUR personal style. I educate throughout the process to help prevent the problem from returning, and offer maintenance appointments for when you feel yourself starting to slide back into old habits.

I can work on specific areas or general, overall, whole house systems.

When everything HAS a home it is more likely to be put away.

Areas of focus:

Whole House – Your home is your refuge.  My goal is to help you in any and every area that causes stress! Visual clutter causes stress.  Not being able to find what you need when you need it causes stress.  Taking time to look for things takes time away from other things you could be doing, whether it is spending time with your kids or reading a book.  As a residential specialist, I can help you with the area(s) that you find most overwhelming.  I don’t do it for you, I do it with you, and most importantly, we use a system that makes sense to you, so you can maintain it!

Paper – This is the biggest problem area I see.  We are inundated with massive amounts of paper every day! If you feel overwhelmed by the paper floating in your world, I can help you!  Do you find your mail piling up on the counter?  Do you wonder what to do with the art projects that come rolling in the door?  Do you find your home office desk disappearing?  There is a solution.

Together, we will find the best one for you!


Dining Room




Living Rooms

Kids Room’s



Home Offices






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